Monday, April 22, 2013

The Maneuver

We usually woke up quiet early everyday. Caused by Shalat Subuh, and moreover, our 'lil Asma always wakes up around that time. But today is different. She cried and crave for milk, I told her Bapak to wake up and make her some. While me, still so sleepy, ignoring the adzan and stayed put closing my eyes. I reach her told her to wait.

What an impatient little girl, while rolling away from my hands, she kept on maneuvering till bumped to a bolster. She rolled and laid on it, an baammm..... fell off of bed and cried out loud, my bad... :( I shout her name out, and she cried even harder. She refuse me by pushing her hand towards me while I tried to carry her to calm her. What a great thing to start a day. I hate me for being a sleepy head and lazy mom. hiks....

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