Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Little Asma

Our little Asma is turning 1 year old now. She is healthy, lovable and very smart little girl. Though she still can not walk on her own. Asma is a kind of energetic girl, even though she hasn't walk yet, but she's good at crawling around the house, screams out her funny alien language. So far, ''habis' is the only word she pronounce clearly, every time her milk is up - saying it while throwing her bottle away. Not a good manner, wish she get over it and never do such a thing when she grew up. Amiiiinn....

Every morning our nanny and her husband will pick Asma up and  bring her to their house. Sometimes when it's early enough, we will walk together to the place where I usually wait my employee bus which drive me to the office. I have to take the bus every morning to go there.

I think, Asma's feeling is a little bit mixed up every morning, when she walked me to the bus stop. I knew she always love the morning walk-she usually walking with her hand held to help her walk. But she doesn't like to let her Ibu go. Just like this morning, she already carried by her nanny, but she reach her hand out to me, asked me to carry her. I carried her for a while, but then the bus was coming, so i have to hand her over the nanny. She kept on reaching her hand out to me but i have to wave mine to gave her sign that her Ibu have to go to work.

Well, it's so sad to left her under other people's responsibility, but this is the only thing we could do to keep everything runs well. I think we have to find a way to solve this since I'm her mother, also, I don't want to left her alone too long.

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